“Noah’s Ark has been a life saving sanctuary and safe haven for me personally as well as my friends and family. I used to suffer from chronic addiction to a lot of hard drugs. The Ark offered me shelter after being evicted from my home while incarcerated in Yakima County Jail. The Ark also offered me resources that could help that could help me rebuild my life and heal from the damage of addiction. After accepting the help, I was able to go to treatment and complete it, get my license, my social security card and enter into the internship program offered to eligible clients that showed interest. After completing the inter program I was offered employment full time and have been able to make steps in continuing to rebuild my life. I was able to purchase a car which helped me complete out-patient treatment and stay in compliance with probation and eventually D.O.C. After awhile I experienced a relapse and was laid off until I completed another 30 day inpatient program before putting me back on the schedule. After completing another program my employment was resumed and I have been able to resource out and get into clean and sober living at an oxford house.

The security here has been much more on-point and doesn’t allow any wiggle room for drugs, alcohol, weapons or paraphernalia to come through which makes it much more tolerable being in recovery and I am triggered way less and am less stressed about being around active users. Slowly but surely Noah’s Ark has helped me heal and recover my life and continues to help me stay and live recovered. I have goals and dreams I am striving for and Noah’s Ark has helped me start my journey in reaching them”. – C.J.W

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