Serving Those in Need in Wapato

Overnight Shelter

Noah’s Ark is a low-barrier place of refuge from the elements, open every night, 365 days a year, with 27 beds for men and 7 beds for women.

Day Services

Noah’s Ark provides services 365 days a year. Meals, showers, hygiene supplies, laundry service, and clothing are available everyday. Case Management and support services are also available every week.


Our Outreach Team engages not only at Noah’s Ark but also out in the community. We distribute hygiene items, water, food boxes, blankets and clothing, always with an invitation to come to the shelter for more complete services.

Sustaining Life – Providing Access to Services

Overnight Shelter

Noah’s Ark is open every night, 365 days a year, with a dormitory of 27 beds for men and 7 beds for women. Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. Showers, laundry, and hygiene supplies are also available for client use. Overnight residents are screened in accordance with Yakima County’s Coordinated Entry system, which prioritizes housing for people based on needs. They are tracked in the State of Washington Homeless Information Management System (HMIS) to ensure accurate records are kept for all service providers in the region and to ensure all clients are offered the services they might qualify for.

Admission Guidelines

  • We do accept persons under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, if they can care for themselves, can follow all shelter rules, and are not a danger to the safety of others.
  • We do accept anyone who has a history of severe criminal acts or violent offense(s) – however safety of the staff/residents must be ensured. Criminal history is one factor that can be considered in making a determination that a client poses a health or safety risk and may result in denial of services. Any person who has committed an assault or other serious crime on Noah’s Ark property will be denied admission unless and until that person participates in a restoration meeting with either the Director or the Case Manager and has demonstrated they have made changes in their life so that they no longer pose a threat to others.
  • We do accept registered sex offenders who are compliant with any registration required by law and whose presence in the shelter will not violate any legal condition imposed upon them. Sex offender status is one factor that may be considered in making a determination that a client poses a health or safety risk and may result in denial of services.
  • We do accept persons who have obvious or a history of physical or mental health needs. All Medication is to be secured in the office without exception.
  • Residents must be able to live independently and adhere to shelter rules.
  • We do not take families with children under 18 for overnight stay.
  • We do not allow guests to sleep in vehicles of any kind including motor homes.

Resident Rules and Responsibilities

Serving the Broader Community

Day Services

Noah’s Ark is open 24 hours a day. During non-extreme weather months, the same services are offered but only during certain hours.

Meals –Breakfast is served from 8am-9am, lunch is served from 12pm-1pm and dinner is served at 5pm every day.  Meals are offered not only for overnight guests but also many “drop in” clients who request them.  When the shelter is not open for lunch, our outreach team takes box lunches to people in the community.

Clothing Closet – Our clothing closet is open every day as well. Clients are welcome to choose a pair of shoes and an outfit daily if needed.

Hygiene – Showers and hygiene supplies are always available. Laundry service is available daily.

Case Management – Case Management services are available to clients weekly. Clients may sign up to meet with a case manager in the front office at any time. Case managers offer several services including transportation and referrals.

Out In the Community


Outreach workers provide services at the Noah’s Ark Shelter and out in the community. They hand out hygiene items, potable water, food boxes, blankets, and clothing. Outreach staff try to help with other reasonable requests from those living out in the elements.

Outreach workers invite those they meet out in the community to come visit Noah’s Ark.

Yakima Neighborhood Health Services visits Noah’s Ark on Tuesdays to assist clients with services like Coordinated Entry, cell phones, and housing.

You Can Help!

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