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Generating Hope
Helping Others: Making A Difference

This is an amazing place. When i was homeless this place did everything 4 me, more then i could ask for. It made me feel like i mattered. Great place with great loving people made me the man i needed to be. Put me on my feet and for that i am forever grateful.

  Jonathan Samora

We do not identify names on our internet page, but these are real stories of real people we have helped in 2015:

J.R., 70, lost all his belongings in a house fire - he found shelter and relief in Noah's Ark because he knew of no other place to go -- or to seek help. He got referrals and assistance, in addition to shelter and food.

M.T.: a working homeless individual whose chronic illnesses, including cancer, limited his ability to hold a full time job and became homeless. Through the resources of Noah's Ark and its link to community-wide sources/Homeless Network of Yakima County, he was finally able to get permanent disability benefits after two years of frustration. While in Noah's Ark, his many years of construction experience allowed us to make improvements, including the construction of an improved womens' dorm. He now has an apartment in Yakima.

V.T. : Struggling with health issues that have made her homeless, she serves the Ark as a receptionist - not only greeting those seeking help and overnight shelter, but actively helping others through her knowledge of resources and being a leader in homeless team outreach to transition people away from homelessness. This includes traveling with Yakima representatives to share her story and contributions with Washington State legislators to promote their understanding of homeless issues and priorities.

Professional Kitchen
Professional Kitchen

Thanks to generous grant from Yakima Valley Community Foundation, Legends Casino, and others to PROJECT MEAL TIME, volunteers and formerly homeless, and current clients serve warm meals to those using our shelter.

Did You Know?

Last year, we served more than 28,000 meals to poor and homeless -- in addition to providing more than 10,000 bed shelter nights.

Einer, a Native American, is the voice in our video clip on what it means to be part of the Noah's Ark community and what our sanctuary means to him. He serves as a volunteer minister to many in the homeless community.

Native Americans and many homeless artists all played major roles in developing our community mural to ensure it truly reflected the diversity of Yakima Valley -- and why we regard it as one of the Treasures of the Valley

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