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Generating Hope

Faces of our Homeless Guests

It starts with recognizing that these are individuals who have needs, are people, and deserving dignity and respect. So many of our guests have moved on to regain their productive place in society -- and finding employment and housing. That's why Noah's Ark exists. For those afflicted with problems leading to chronic homelessness, Noah's Ark remains there for them to regain spirit and sense of purpose.

Good News - Always

Testimony from Former Homeless Guest.

This is an amazing place. When i was homeless this place did everything 4 me, more then i could ask for. It made me feel like i mattered. Great place with great loving people made me the man i needed to be. Put me on my feet and for that i am forever grateful.

  Jonathan Samora

It takes a community to help the chronic homeless - and during the holiday season many caring people and organizations volunteer their time and energy to make the holiday season a bit brighter -- cooking meals, donating special food that include pies and other treats to remind people that they are not forgotten. As shown above, Heritage University rallied to provide a truckload of food to Noah's Ark, delivering it in person.

Did You Know that Volunteers Built Our Ark?
Where would we be without you?


Community Volunteers f you visited Noah's Ark recently, you might not recognize it because its familiar interior has been changed dramatically - to accommodate an increasing number of chronic homeless seeking our help and services.

Dry wall has been erected. There is now a separate dorm for women with donated bunks built by a retired Yakima contractor with donated  quilts/bedding that appeal to the feminine side, always stressing that Noah's Ark is a sanctuary where all can come to find dignity, respect, and the opportunity to re-find themselves.

There is now a case manager's office space for private one-on-one counseling -- alongside the Executive Director's office where files and confidential information are stored.

Since its beginning, Noah's Ark has depended on the generosity of spirit from many throughout the country who support us - physically volunteering for cooking, meals, projects, giving in-kind donations of vegetables, fruit, and meat. Generating Hope is indebted to these organizations, most specifically the Yakama Nation who supported our initial construction and, most recently, provided us a significant operational grant.

 If you want to volunteer, please contact our Director, Theresa Yanez, at or go to our Feedback page. You can also send an e-mail directly by using the link on contact_us

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