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Generating Hope
How You Can Help
You Can Make A Difference in People's Lives ...
You Can Make A Difference in People's Lives ...

  Because Noah's Ark is located in a small, rural community of less than 6,000 with no nearby lodging facilities or community services, our emergency shelter and drop-in center operates throughout the year - providing overnight shelter, meals, and access to services for Yakama tribal members and Yakima-based agencies to get counseling support, medical assistance and treatment, access for veterans for assistance, and in-house support through a supportive homeless community. While many are familiar with chronic homeless needs during the bitter cold winter months in Central Washington, they may not realize that summer heat and dehydration can be as dangerous to those who have no shelter or nourishing food to make them safe.

Making A Place the Homeless
  Can Call Community
  and Find Their Path
  To Remove Barriers to Self-Sufficiency

Noah's Ark is a place where HOPE comes alive in the lives of those who have lost hope and may feel trapped in chronic homelessness. Noah's Ark builds a foundation where people can meet basic needs -- through non-judgmental hospitality and an internal caring community that fosters recovery and the means to regain a sense of worth. Its residents accept responsibility for chores, helping one another, cooking meals and seeing the way to transition to jobs, transitional housing, and away from chronic homelessnessness with no where to go. 

You can help.

We need volunteers to cook, to bring in hot meals, to donate spices, paper bowls and plates, cleaning supplies and other essentials that help us defray costs and keep our service center operational.

Contact Us
Contact Us

We welcome church groups, agencies, and individuals who would like to volunteer and become part of those who are making a difference. You can contact our Executive Director, Mike Zink, directly at to coordinate your efforts. You can also get further information by e-mailing your contact information and how you can assist our people. We depend on people like you who care.

Our Needs List

  • Hygiene Products (Shampoo, Soap, Paper Towels, Towels, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste)
  • Feminine Products
  • Paper Products (Bowls, Paper Plates, Plastic Utensils, Coffee Cups)
  • Plates, Cups, Bowls, and Utensils.
  • First Aid Products, including first aid kits.
  • Cleaning Products (Lysol, etc.)
  • Weather-appropriate clothing
  • Shoes (especially womens', tennis/running shoes, flip flops)
  • Underwear (Men and Women)
  • Food -- vegetables, packaged, canned, bread and pasta, fish, and other nourishing meals.
  • Blankets, sheets, pillows.
  • Financial donations to support heat in winter, food procurement.
  • Volunteer Transportation Availability (for times when we do not have available resources to meet Yakima-based or Yakama Nation-based appointment times)
  • Volunteers

You can provide us contact information through our feedback page.

You may also donate supporting funds:

  By Mailing your tax-deductible donation to:

Generating Hope, P.O. Box 1562, Yakima, WA  98907

OR through our new paypal account:

"Serve the least of these ..." Matthew 25:40

Site Mailing List 

Generating Hope, A 501(c)3 Non Profit 0rganization - 
You can mail your donation to P.O. Box 1562, Yakima, WA 98907

Please make a paypal donation: Make a Difference in a Life!